The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Day 4

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Day 4

Next Current Affairs provides you The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary on daily basis to improve your vocab power and helps you in your preparation for government jobs. Habit of reading Newspaper enhance your English language skills. Here some of the important vocabulary taken from the Hindu Newspaper. we are providing series of vocab as The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary.

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Day 4


Recede (Verb)

Meaning: Go or move back or further away from a previous position

Synonyms: Dwindle, Withdraw, diminish, abate

Antonyms: prolong, enhance, increase

Usage: The flood waters finally began to recede in November

Appetite (Noun)

Meaning: A strong desire or liking for something

Synonyms: fondness, passion, zest, craving

Antonyms: hate, apathy, disinclination, lethargy

Usage: When I was ill, I completely lost my appetite

Macabre (Adjective)

Meaning: Disturbing because concerned with or causing a fear of death

Synonyms: frightening, grim, lurid, morbid, gruesome

Antonyms: cheerful, happy, pleasant, pretty

Usage: Police have made a macabre discovery

Alienation (Noun)

Meaning: The loss of friendship or affection

Synonyms: estrangement, disaffection, indifference

Antonyms: friendliness, agreement

Usage: His criminal activities led to complete alienation from his family

Bolster (Verb)

Meaning: Support or strengthen

Synonyms: help, cushion, buoy, boost, shore up

Antonyms: decrease, discourage, hinder

Usage: Pillars bolster the roof

Reconcile (Verb)

Meaning: Restore friendly relations between

Synonyms: coordinate, assuage, accommodate, reunite

Antonyms: mismatch, agitate, incite, fight

Usage: I can’t reconcile those two ideas

Credence (Noun)

Meaning: Belief in or acceptance of something as true

Synonyms: assurance, belief, admission, reliance

Antonyms: doubt, denial, disbelief

Usage: I don’t give any credence to these rumours

Bizarre (Adjective)

Meaning: very strange or unusual

Synonyms: weird, Strange, Peculiar, Odd, freakish

Antonyms: regular, familiar, sensible

Usage: They saw a bizarre animal in the lake

Awry (Adjective)

Meaning: Out of the normal or correct position

Synonyms: badly, askew, uneven, aslant

Antonyms: Straight, Symmetrical

Usage: Our plans went awry

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