The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Day 5

The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Day 5

Next Current Affairs provides you The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary on daily basis to improve your vocab power and helps you in your preparation for government jobs. Habit of reading Newspaper enhance your English language skills. Here some of the important vocabulary taken from the Hindu Newspaper. we are providing series of vocab as The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary.

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The Hindu Editorial Vocabulary Day 5


Trivial (adjective)

Meaning: of little value or importance

Synonyms: unimportant, negligible, superficial

Antonyms: important, serious, consequential

Usage: Let’s stop discussing trivial details and come to the point

Acrimony (Noun)

Meaning: Bitterness or ill feeling

Synonyms: animosity, bitterness, ill will, rancour

Antonyms: kindness, good will, liking

Usage: They always spar over trivial matters

Prevail (Verb)

Meaning: Prove more powerful or superior

Synonyms: overcome, triumph, succeed, win

Antonyms: fail, surrender, lose

Usage: I hope that common sense will prevail

Scourge (Verb)

Meaning: cause great suffering to

Synonyms: penalize, afflict, harass

Antonyms: laud, help, forgive, assist

Usage: Aids has been described as the scourge of the modern world

Rectitude (Noun)

Meaning: Morally correct behaviour or thinking; righteousness

Synonyms: Goodness, Virtue

Antonyms: Infamy, Dishonesty

Usage: She is a model of rectitude

Clamour (Noun)

Meaning: A loud and confused noise, especially that of people shouting

Synonyms: Uproar, Tumult, Babel

Antonyms: Silence

Usage: There was a clamour of voices outside the office.

Negate (Noun)

Meaning: Make ineffective; nullify

Synonyms: neutralize, disallow, invalidate

Antonyms: confirm, allow, permit, assist

Usage: Our actions often negate our principles

Ephemeral (Adjective)

Meaning: Lasting for a very short time

Synonyms: short-lived, fleeting, temporary

Antonyms: enduring, permanent, everlasting

Usage: Fashion is by nature ephemeral

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